October 20, 2017
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Micro Ball Bearing Carrier On Strip

Micro Ball Bearing Carrier On Strip


Could your rod department use a product that cuts your production time by 70%? This spectacular product comes with 18 each of our Micro Ball Bearing Carriers (M-578) on a strip. You simply slip the strip into the track and pull strip away, and the carriers are in place. Dont need 18? Simply leave off the amount not needed on the strip to be used later. The M-578 Micro Ball Bearing Carrier is 20% narrower than the M-271 carrier and it has three adjustment holes for drapery pins and rust resistant ball bearings. 3,600 total carriers (200 Strips with 18 carriers on each strip) *Patented*

Use with our 4001, 4003 and 4004 Series Track


Item ID: M-691
Carton Count: 3,600
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